Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rule 1: never send women to buy hardware

Two new bedroom lamps come home the other day.  I look at them and remark they take miniature Edison screw bulbs.


SWMBO rings from Bunnings this afternoon, what sort does she need again?  Miniature Edison screw, I say.


15 minutes later, I’m pointing out she has bought regular ES – about twice the size of the fitting.  Stomp back out door to chew on Bunnings return counter clerk.


Another 15 minutes later,  I point out that we have another set of ES bulbs, and the “miniature” on the packet refers to the length of the 5W element – not the fitting.  Well they don’t have them then, because she looked on *every single packet* and they were all the same.  Both get in car and go down the road.


I gently point out the three linear feet of MES bulbs, which she had to walk past – twice – to get to the ES ones.  And on the way out of the aisle, I point out the display stand of them on the corner.


So how was she supposed to know the other ones were the wrong size?  The plastic boxes they come in are sealed closed!  Yes, dear.  The clear plastic boxes which you tip over so you can see the fitting through the transparent bottom.


Never send women to buy hardware.  It doesn’t work.

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