Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lying political scum

I received an interesting letterbox drop this morning from an organisation calling themselves doublecrossed.com.au.  Their gripe is that the state Labor party is proposing a skyrail project for several of the metropolitan train lines, as opposed to doing underground level rail crossing removals.

There was a bunch of twaddle and scaremongering on it about the purported disadvantages of the project, so I initially set down to send them a few conversational points to display that they are, in fact, dead wrong.

Some of their scaremongering:

Elevated lines are noisier.
Er, no, they are not.  Train lines are noisy, period.  Something to do with putting a few thousand tons of steel across steel lines at 100km/h, yeah?  Physics much?  That's not going to go away no matter what you do, and elevating the lines will result in the noise being radiated upwards, where it will dissipate far more quickly and with less disruption than it does at ground level.

It will "divide communities".
Sorry, what planet are you from?  What do you think the rail line, right of way for it, and fences to keep dumbarses off the lines do now?  Elevating the lines will actually remove those issue for the most.

It will create dumping grounds for rubbish.
Have you had a look at rail lines, car parks, shopping centres and road verges at all?  Rubbish dumping happens because of restrictive, expensive and idiotic council rubbish policies.  It's not created by the availability of a place for it to happen, there are plenty of such places already which is why it happens now.

Undesireables will hang out underneath the lines.
Have you had a look at the quality of individual that hangs out at train stations now?  I fail to see how adding 15 feet of vertical clearance is going to alter that one way or the other.

What elevated lines will achieve is to create a heap of additional parking space, which is the single most sorely needed factor in Melbourne's suburban train system now.  At most stations you can't get a park after 7am, which is hopeless.  At some stations like Oakleigh it's more like 6:30am.

Decreased property prices.
How?  The noise from the adjacent line will be less, not more, the eyesore of the generally unmaintained right of way will be gone, and there are no downsides.  In other words, that's a boogeyman word that the published hopes will scare people without needing to produce any actual proof.

So I set out to explain this to the publisher of this bollocks, but being a geek I decide to see who the registrant of the domain is.


Domain Name: doublecrossed.com.au
Last Modified: 04-Mar-2016 04:18:45 UTC
Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Registrar Name: GoDaddy.com, LLC
Registrant ID: ABN 70723275853
Eligibility Type: Other
Registrant Contact ID: CR194171579
Registrant Contact Name: Simon Terpstra

Um, dafuq?  Liberal party?

Who is this Simon dude?


Simon Terpstra
Senior Digital Strategist at Liberal Victoria
Melbourne, AustraliaPolitical Organization

Gee, let's look at the website.  Here's the footer:

Authorised by S.Frost. 104 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9654 2255 | vic.liberal.org.au | libs@vic.liberal.org.au

So, in reality, this is an attempt by a political party to bash their opposition based on a thinly veiled attempt at masquerading as a public action campaign.

Unfortunately, it means I didn't bother to write them an e-mail, because there's no point.  I think I'll go and troll the idiot that runs the Moorabbin Airport Resident's Association instead, which is something I do occasionally for fun.   It's always fun poking holes in the arguments of people that buy houses next to airports and then complain about the noise.

Monday, May 30, 2016

E10 fuel sucks

I've known this for some time, but saw this video today which illustrates the problem very well with absolutely zero effort on my part, so win, right?!?

Basically, E10 fuel sucks.  Assuming your car runs OK on it and it doesn't rot out the seals and hoses in your fuel system, the power drop is such that it doesn't make economic sense to run it.

I ran my Honda on E10 for 6 months, which I think is a fair basis for comparison.  It started and idled fine, acceleration was fine, no burping or farting (from the car, driver as normal) or pinging.  I honestly didn't even notice any drop in power, which may have something to do with the fact that I'm driving a 1.6 litre 4-pot Hiroshima screamer in Melbourne traffic, not Le Mans.

What I did notice was that the fuel economy sucked, which is the result of placing the right hoof closer to the floorpan in order to produce the customarily desired rates of acceleration (i.e. a little faster than the flogged out cab driven by the punjab in the merging lane).

I saw a closer to 6% drop in fuel economy, which means that a 4c/litre discount is resulting in money out of my pocket.  4c out of, let's say, $1.20/litre pump price is only 3.3% discount, I'd need 6% of $1.20 or a round 8c/litre off just to crack even.

That then doesn't compensate for my having to fill the bloody thing up 10% more often.

The bottom line: ethanol fuel is currently a loser, and considering it actually costs about twice as much a litre to make fuel alcohol versus burning dead dinosaurs, it's going to remain that way until the government either subsidises it properly (yeah, right) or the pricks simply legislate that all fuel must contain ethanol, at which stage pricing will simply go up in line with costs and we'll all take it in the neck as usual.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Never 10

Thank you, GRC.

Microsoft, seriously - fuck you.  This MY goddamn computer and it will run the OS that I want it to, not you.

If you've already been contaminated by the Umbrella Corporation, I suggest you run screaming for Classic Shell as fast as your chubby digits can type.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Super Chilli

Made a big pot of my current chilli recipe earlier in the week, with cayenne pepper, chilli powder and 4 large jalapenos with the seeds left in.

Quite nice, but I thought the flavour could be upper a little further.

I was very pleased to recently find a local shop that carries the Blair's sauces.

You want about half a teaspoon in a medium pot, that's enough to give it a good zing of heat but you can still feel your face after eating it.

Now get hold of a good block of jalapeno cheese and shred about a handful per serve.  Stir this into a nice big bowl of the chilli.

Now microwave the bowl to bring the whole thing back up to temperature and get all the cheese melted.  Sprinkle a little more cheese on top.

Finally, add a decent slick of Cholula hot sauce on top.  This is quite a mild sauce, you're doing this for the flavour.

Eat with some hot garlic bread, I highly recommend this ciabatta one.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Arise, the new king

I used to think that Sofa King had the best business name and advertising slogan going.

Arise, the new king.