Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Drinks anyone?

Had an interesting dinner at the RSL in Dandenong last night, mandatory attendance at some distant family member's 50th.

I suspect the bloke on the bar felt he wasn't being monitored too closely for spirits usage, as at one stage the ladies were doing Blue Lagoon cocktails.

Take a nice cocktail glass:

Free-pour it about 2/3rds full of vodka.  Then top up to within about 1cm of the top with blue curacao.  Hit that with about a 1/2 second shot of lemonade off the gun then run a shot of raspberry syrup into it.  Hmm.

Subtracting maybe 50cc for ice, this means a 390ml glass realistically has about 300ml of booze in it, or 10 nips of spirits.  The ladies thought these were GREAT.

Calley then decided she'd rather go back to her standard JD&coke as the Blue Lagoons, while nice, were a wee bit strong.  She also likes these in a tall glass to dilute the Jack Daniels a bit.  One minor problem...

This bloke's idea of a tall JD&coke was a highball with 50% JD, 50% coke.  There was a wee bit of spluttering there for a bit, and I forbade her to help blow out the candles on the cake on OH&S grounds.

Calley had a bit of a sleep in this morning.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dude's got issues.

Although I think he's a freaking psycho, I'm going to give this dude some credit for simply finding dashboard space to mount this much crap.  Let alone the cable management required.

Went for a little drive this afternoon....

Actually quite pleased with myself, I've managed to beat the TomTom's route by 10 minutes with a few "modifications".

So why subject myself to this?  This is why...

Damn this thing is nice.  Half the weight of the old rig, rock solid wall, rated for 340fps - really spits them out.  Got it with aftermarket custom strings and carbon fibre sideplate grips, and the shop owner was nice enough to let me take a few sets of draw length modules with me to try.  Beats buying them for $70 a pair just to experiment.

Shot feel is VERY unlike the old bow, this is a parallel-limb rig so on the sot the limbs move outwards opposing each other - the result is next to no movement of the bow at all.

The only downside is that I won't get to shoot it until Saturday now.  :(


Stuck in a traffic jam due to roadworks with "Speed" playing....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

*deep breath* OK, take 2.

OK, the previous bow stab setup was best described as a miserable failure, to put it politely.

It looked cool but was impossible to shoot; the balance was waaaay forward, and the left short rod fouled my bow arm constantly. After a bit of a sulk I managed to cobble together a working semblance of a rig with spares, but have been waiting for proper parts to come in.

Enter the Doinker AVBR module.

Ideally I would have had one of the single sided versions, but these are currently unobtainium, and it was pointed out that (a) I can unbolt one end to serve the same porpoise, (b) the double sided mount is much stronger, and (c) they'd do it for the same price.  SOLD.

After MUCH dicking about I have arrived at the following left-side-only rig:

The rod balances the weight of the sight, which means I have been able to remove the 100gm keel weight I had on before, making the whole rig lighter.  The AVBM allows me to sweep the rod both down and back for balance and keel, I may end up swivelling it out a bit for balance once I get it on the range.

Just some random photos

Sunday, August 8, 2010

#&^#&^ typical.

First run out with new ACG carbons.

They're very accurate.

They're very, very accurate.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Now that was some COOL driving

When coming home from work, I have discovered it's possible to take the two turns in this pic flat at 60km/h - although to be honest there's not what you'd call a lot of road left.

The line looks kind of like this, but rounded out a bit right to the gutters and centreline.

What I've also discovered is that when it's raining and greasy, the second turn - which is slightly off camber and undulating - doesn't offer quite the lateral grip I'd like, leading to a somewhat modified line as such:

Now, if you add some cardigan in a Camry as represented by the blue line below, you can see the situation gets a wee bit fraught.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How not to do it

I'm thinking of getting a new Carter Evolution+ release aid.  These are a pull-through back tension style release, where you hook to the string, close your thumb on a safety, and draw to your anchor.  Only THEN do you let off the safety and let the release "rest" on the internal magnets, then you draw through it to fire.

Here's what happens if you don't hold the safety closed.