Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hot load

I reckon he's going to have to back off the charge weight a bit on that one.  Recoil seems a bit harsh.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Little drive in the country

Went on "a nice drive" with the handbrake yesterday.

Note to self 1: next car will have cruise control.

Note to self 2: when having a mild whinge about the length of the journey, and the handbrake says "next time we could stay overnight", muttering under your breath about buggering the whole weekend up now is best done with internal voice.

On the plus side, I met a very nice vintner who produced some even more nicerer 2006 reserve shiraz, which he now has several bottles less of that previously.  He also bottles zinfandel, which I wasn't aware was even grown outside the Napa valley.  I also bought a bottle of their reserve sauvignon, which as spectacular in taste as it is in price.

By the time I topped that off with a case of cleanskins, half a dozen bottles of sweet Moscato for the handbrake (the only wine I have found in 8 years that she actually likes), some of his lemon preserved olives and some cold pressed dipping oil, we were on very good terms, and he ended up giving me a couple of extra bottles of the shiraz for free, which I wasn't saying no to at all.

We then got into the charcuterie and cheese cellar along side the winery for provisions for a decent rustic dinner.

We comprehensively broke the dogs, though.  Both had to be carried to bed last night.