Saturday, May 21, 2016

Super Chilli

Made a big pot of my current chilli recipe earlier in the week, with cayenne pepper, chilli powder and 4 large jalapenos with the seeds left in.

Quite nice, but I thought the flavour could be upper a little further.

I was very pleased to recently find a local shop that carries the Blair's sauces.

You want about half a teaspoon in a medium pot, that's enough to give it a good zing of heat but you can still feel your face after eating it.

Now get hold of a good block of jalapeno cheese and shred about a handful per serve.  Stir this into a nice big bowl of the chilli.

Now microwave the bowl to bring the whole thing back up to temperature and get all the cheese melted.  Sprinkle a little more cheese on top.

Finally, add a decent slick of Cholula hot sauce on top.  This is quite a mild sauce, you're doing this for the flavour.

Eat with some hot garlic bread, I highly recommend this ciabatta one.

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