Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No shortage of idiots todyay

(1) Apply for access to system.  Available permission levels are Admin, Read/Write, Discovery.  (WTF is “discovery”?)
(2) Team Leader approves application.  (Team leader hasn’t got a fucking clue what it is, but approves it anyway.)
(3) Application manager sends a spittle-flecked screaming e-mail wanting to know why  **I**  have been so presumptious to ask for **WRITE** access to **HIS** precious application.  (With the usual connotation that I am some sort of underserving worm mixed with a rampaging vandal bent on destruction.)
(4) I don’t need write access says I – but there’s no option to apply for read only.  If you can provision read only, that will be fine.
(5) Freaky McFreak application manager comes back nice as pie (having apparently jumped to one of his more stable personalities in the meantime) and says that there’s no read-only access available on the system, so he’s approved full write access anyway!
WTF are these people on???

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