Thursday, February 3, 2011

Very interesting mail offer

I just received a very attractive offer in the mail.


As part of my previous Telstra employment, I received several options to purchase shares at fixed prices, but which did not vest for 3 years post the offer.


In other words, if I receive an offer today to buy shares at $5, I can’t do so for 3 years, but I can still do so at the $5 offer price after those 3 years.  Theoretically this empowers me, as a loyal employee, to work really hard and to ensure the growth of the company during that period, thus inflating the value of my option when I exercise it.


Unfortunately, during that period, despite my best efforts as an employee the company was *also* subject to some of the most piss poor mismanagement ever seen at the hands of a rapacious American asset stripper intent only on plundering the company for the benefit of both himself and a few American cronies.


As such, while the offer is most generous, I think I will have to politely decline the option to purchase shares at $4.34 when they’re worth $2.79 as of close of trading today.

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