Friday, June 3, 2016

Nick Kyrgios gives himself the arse, saving the AOC the time

I see in the news this morning that Nick Kyrgios has had a dummy spit and decided to withdraw himself from potential selection for the Rio olympic* team.

I suppose Nick would like to think this is some sort of grand drop-the-mic flourish on his part, but in reality it's Nick attempting to save face before suffering the public embarrassment of the AOC overlooking him for generally behaving like a spoiled brat that they don't want representing the country in any form they can prevent.  It's pretty bad when Tennis Australia start describing your behavior as good compared to Bernard Tomic, who is another spoiled little brat with an ego that will only fit through a door sideways.

That, plus the fact that he's not good enough to win anything, anyway.

Still, with Andy Murray probably due to retire in a few years, I suppose there's a position to open up in international tennis for a self-important, narcissistic twat with an overly important opinion of himself to turn up, whine when he's not taken seriously, whine more when he loses, and collect his appearance fee for not doing much.

At least athletes like John McEnroe actually had talent to justify their behavior, but like like much of generation Y, Kyrgios appears to have a hard time differentiating between talking about how good his is about something, versus actually being able to demonstrate it.

Don't let the door get you in the arse on the way out, Nick.

*Yes, I am aware that it is theoretical convention to capitalise "olympic" and its derivations.  I don't agree with this because it depends on the wanky concept of a "proper noun" which is something that should have died out about a century ago, along with other Olde English fossils which modernity long since grew out of.  In reality, Olympus was a mythological mountain in which assorted Greek gods were supposed to reside, so I think I'll elect to give it a miss.

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