Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Another day, another moron

Man, they're just lining up for it these last few days.

This morning's new example of bloody stupidity is a woman suing Ellen Degeneres for mispronouncing her name, for fuck's sake.

Yeah, I'm sorry love, but if your name is Titi Pierce, then guess how it's gonna be pronounced.

 According to the lawsuit, prior to being featured on the show, Ms Pierce has only ever been addressed as Tee Tee”.  It says Titi is a Nigerian name meaning flower and Ms Pierce has “strong, positive” feelings about her name.

It then goes on with a bunch of bullshit about how she's been ridiculed in person and in public, including random calls on her mobile phone.  Despite sounding like something a stripper would use for a stage name, the woman is (apparently) a fucking real estate agent, and the way her details were presented were to air a picture of one of an advertising sign she had stuck up in public... complete with her full name and mobile phone number.

I think Ms Pierce needs to take her Titis off somewhere else for a reality check.  I don't care how strong and positive her feelings are on the matter, if your name sounds utterly fucking ridiculous when pronounced in the language of the country you're in then you're going to be a laughed at.

I'm waiting for these guys to raise their lawsuits any day now.

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