Monday, July 13, 2015

Your liberal socialist media distorted story of the day

The populist media is a bunch of left-wing hipster socialists at the best of time - it doesn't take a lot of critical reading and independent thought to determine that.

One "feature"of the liberal socialist media is that they're anti-gun, which is just another of their inconsistencies in that they don't give a crap about any other standard in society, but they need to invent this one.

Here's the latest example of their warped thinking in general on the subject.

Love the snarky little comment on the end, because they couldn't think of anything else to say on the subject:

"Since then there have been few mass shootings in Australia."

Ooh, ooh, me!  /waves hand in the air...

(1)  How many mass shootings were there before Port Arthur?  Answer:  none.

(2) If there have been "few" since, do you admit that the laws are ineffectual in removing the problem, or that laws don't solve the problem, because remarkably criminals don't obey gun control laws any more than they do any other law?

(3) Since Martin Bryant didn't have legal access to the gun he used, what is the use of passing even more laws, which will also be ignored?  Protip: try standing up in the cafe where a large part of the massacre took place and telling the shooter he can't whack you - it's illegal!

The solution to the issue is very much in line with what the NRA says - put more guns in the hands of the good guys.

Let's sell ol' Martin stand in the doorway of the cafe fumbling with a magazine trying to reload a rifle while just one patron nails him with the .357 snubby they're legally and safely carrying concealed.

Never happen though, we've had our nuts thoroughly cut in that regard, and I can't see it turning the other way in my lifetime.  But we're allowed to call 000 and ask for help - the one time I've ever had to do that I waited over an hour for some bored cop to respond.  Makes me feel very secure.

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