Sunday, July 26, 2015

New strings

Restrung the new Hoyt today.  Cliche red and black, blow me.  All BCY X material with 30lb spectra serving, which comes out at 0.107" - almost bang on the perfect 0.105" OD for the recommended 24 strands. Sits well down into the cam grooves.

I'm currently waiting on a set of Baker Archery Products string clamps which will allow me to serve a little tighter, which will let me hit the perfect 0.105" OD, and possibly also do so with 40lb serving which will give a little more wear resistance too.  At the moment I'm "limited" by serving at 300lb of tension (which is kind of scary to have 18" from your face, believe me) but I still have to use the flag method of checking serving tension to make sure I'm not going to cause peep rotation later. The clamps will allow me to hold about a 12" section of string torsionally and serve as tight as I like, so I get a smoother finish and the final diameter I like.

Once I've got these, I'll be happy to start offering restringing on a garage-commercial basis, because I *know* I can crank out something to compete with the best in the industry worldwide.

Next challenge: multi-layer pinstriping.  I mean seriously, how off-scale do these look??

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