Monday, July 20, 2015

Bloody weather

Made the possibly tactically poor move to wash the car yesterday evening.  Walked outside to go to work at 6:30am to discover probably the coldest morning I have seen yet in Melbourne, -2°.

Minor problem getting into the car, because the door rubbers were frozen together.  Fixed with hose, along with a windscreen that I could theoretically see out of.  However, I soon discovered that the glass was so cold that it simply refroze the water, resulting in a nice slick layer of ice with a different diffractive index than the glass - the result being not being able to see crap.  And I wasn't getting back out, unlocking the garage again, and getting the hose out again either.

No worries, I'll deploy the washers and wipers.  Nope, washer lines are frozen (probably mostly the jets) and I think I tore a rubber as the right blade came off the frost.  Hmm, just have to wait for the heater box to start working, in the meantime I adopt the Mr Magoo method of driving - pull the seat right forward and then hunch down over the steering wheel so I can see out of the 1/2" wide crack at the bottom that is the sole translucent bit.  If you're having problems visualising this, image an asian driving and you should get the idea.

Got to the entrance of the estate and I need to turn right, so I'll crack the window.  No I won't, the glass is frozen into the seals.  Bugger.

It was a good few kilometres before I finally got enough heat out of the engine to defrost all of the ice off the windshield, and even then it was about a quarter still fogged in.  Never did get the rear window defrosted, the resistive heater barely made discernible lines across the glass.

Global warming my arse.

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