Sunday, November 30, 2014

Victorian state election

So the Victorian electorate has decided to vote in a Labor government.

This is the same crew that have promised. to either tear up the East-West Link contracts, thus denying Melbourne commuters a hugely needed freeway access route while simultaneously paying who knows how money in contract breach compensation and dumping billions of dollars in federal funding.

Or they'll realise that, um... no we can't actually do that after all, so we'll go ahead with it anyway, in which case why did we vote this set of fuckwits in?

I'll give it 6 months maximum before the moaning starts about "why did we change", when the libtard voter base realise there's no free pot of gold after all.

I suppose that given that the grass-is-always-greener brigade have short memories, it's inevitable that occasionally they need a lesson in why the inmates don't get to run the asylum.  This is it.

On the plus side, it looks like Labor will largely match the Coalition's plan to abolish the public transport fee slug for people who travel from zone 2 to 1, which saves myself and the handbrake around $1150 a year right there.

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