Wednesday, November 26, 2014

News flash

Ferguson, Missouri –


Grand jury rules to indict police office Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown.  Whites go on race riot, burning and looting their way through the city, at the perceived injustice towards one of their own kind.


Oh, hang on.  That’s right – white people don’t do that.


Reality – grand jury rules there is no charge worth prosecuting in regards to Officer Darren Wilson who defended himself against an attack by a robbery suspect he attempted to apprehend.  Yes, the suspect was unarmed, in that he didn’t have a gun.  What he was was 6’4” tall and 140kg and he rushed the police offer and assaulted him, photographic evidence of which was provided to the grand jury.  The officer responded with force, and shot the prick, which is fair enough.  Don’t be a thug, don’t get shot.


Blacks respond to this by burning and looting their own neighbourhood, which demonstrates the level of intelligence we are dealing with here.  Next week, when the dole cheques run out and everyone’s passions suddenly evaporates, there will be claims of “racism” about lack of amenities and services.  America’s lame duck failed experiment at a president will sympathise.  Two years left for you before the country votes reality back in, moron.  The light has well and truly dawned there.


What I love most is the media bite from the family’s attorney (ambulance chasing scumbag), who said of the state prosecutor: “you don’t have any direction, you’re just putting all the evidence out there and you’re going to let them figure it out and they can make up their own minds,” Mr Crump said. “You know, it just boggles the mind why he thinks this is fair.”


So, in other words, the prosecutor put all the facts in front of the grand jury (three of whom where black, but apparently the sort of black who is civilised enough to register to vote because they ended up selected for jury duty) and let them make up their own damn minds.  This, of course, wasn’t good enough for a reactionary set of losers who wouldn’t be satisfied with anything other than an outcome that went their way, and who cares how it’s arrived it, because we’re black and we’re owed.


Try getting off your useless arses and getting a job, earning a living, not sponging off the rest of society, and not committing 90% of the crime in your 10% of the demographic.  Maybe if you tried behaving like an upstanding member of society you wouldn’t get a cap busted at your arse or gaoled at well over three times the US national rate, yeah?



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