Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Your Wednesday bullshit of the morning

News of the morning is this little gem, a real charmer who attempted to murder his wife's younger sister because she dared take the wife to the beach.

The court heard, because of his religious beliefs and because he thought he had absolute authority over her, Belghar felt it "abhorrent" that his wife, Hanife Kokden, had been to the beach where she "displayed her body".

Gee, sport - the last time I looked this was Australia, and by living here you agreed to abide by Australian law.  If you want to treat your wife like a repressed lower form of life behind closed doors then unfortunately there isn't much that can be done about it, but you bloody well should be accountable to local law, under local law, if you breach the values and beliefs of the country you are living in.

The Crown appealed against Judge Solomon's ruling arguing that, if the judge was correct, every Muslim would be entitled to a judge-only trial.

My oath.  I am so glad this one was dismissed, because this sort of crap would be the thin edge of the wedge of muslims getting their own treatment outside of Australian law.

If you want to live and be judged under sharia law then feel entirely free to fuck off and live somewhere else where it's practiced.  Australia won't miss you.

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