Monday, May 7, 2012

News of the day

Good news (freaking EXCELLENT news) -

A New Your judge has ruled that an IP address is not sufficient evidence to identify copyright infringers via the Bittorrent protocol or similar, due to the fact that an IP identifies only a connection, not an individual.  On top of the final defeat of the AFACT vs iiNet trial, this is very good news for file sharing, because it seems we are moving closer to a position of being more or less untouchable.  ISPs cannot be forced to cut off connections, now we can't be identified  individually remotely (so no need to worry about VPNs for obscurity), and with index sites like TPB going exclusively to magnet links, there is effectively nothing less to shut down.

The next step will probably be a pure peering client where even indexing sites are no longer required, and the client searches the swarm for content directly - in effect the swarm will generate its own indexing system.

In less good news, Micro$oft are being their normal corporate prick selves, and Windows 8 won't have DVD playback capability unless you purchase the additional "media centre" module.  How fucking petty is that?  Luckily, using VLC or something like it neatly sidesteps their little attempt at extortion, and I'm just going to pirate their ultimate version anyway, like I have every single version of their OS to date.

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