Saturday, May 5, 2012

New work roster

Starting a new work roster (again) in about 4 weeks.  We had a chance to vote on a 6 week or 8 week rotation, and the former overwhelmingly won.


Pros and cons –


6 week – more penalties, about 22% as opposed to 18%.


8 week – still only work 1 week of nights and one of evenings per rotation, and three full weekends, so less ‘nasty’ shifts.



The new roster is effectively identical to my current one, I also get to keep the same shift partner and even slot in the rotation, but they are now synchronising the tier 1 teams with us so we get some permanent tier 1 shift partners too.  I consider myself lucky as I really did get the cream of the crop.


What surprised me was that I thought the tier 1 crew would have voted for the 6 week rotation mostly for the extra penalties (they’re coming from a 12 week horror), but I was informed last night that that wasn’t the primary motivation.  It was that the higher proportion of afternoon/night/weekend shifts meant less time working when their moron management were there to ‘help’.  Nice.

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