Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day two

Everything is definitely a lot more comfortable on day two, and closer to conventional size as well.  Got to be happy with that.

Following on from my post of a couple of days ago, I am sure that everyone's flabber is thoroughly gasted that the 14 year old who ran over a woman on the footpath whilst trying to evade police and driving a stolen car is a multiple repeat car thief offender.  Never would have thunk it, eh?

The revelation came as Redfern elder Mick Mundine said he feared people seeking justice for the teenagers would incite violence.  Mr Mundine admitted he was worried about a repeat of the revenge riots in Redfern after the death of T.J. Hickey if people took matters into their own hands.

That's OK, Mick.  There's plenty more ammo.

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