Thursday, April 5, 2012

Calling captain obvious

Read this little gem in the news this morning, another shining example of rubbish journalism.

If this is a surprise to anyone, wake up and smell the coffee.

The reality is that 89% of Australia's population lives in urban centres, and if I average the population of NSW, Qld, Victoria, SA and WA living in the capitals, it's 65% - Australia is one of the most heavily urbanised countries in the world.

What this means is that in the major metro areas, you have two choices.  Actually, three.

  1. Pay a fortune for a house block somewhere reasonable.  Reasonable means not having a two hour car drive or train ride to work every day, or not having to live in some hole of a suburb where you can play spot-the-Aussie out from between the bars on the windows.
  2. Pay a lesser fortune and put up with the soul crushing degradation of spending 20% of your waking life commuting to and from work.
  3. Abandon hope of owning your own home, and watch prices spiral out of control faster than you can accumulate any sort of savings to enter the market, all while paying off someone else's mortgage and funding their home and wealth.
Good choices, hey?

Maybe if as a society we didn't think that we'd just *die* if we didn't have flat screen TVs in every room, expensive internet, IPTV and a $120 a fucking WEEK mobile phone bill, we might be able to focus a little more on what's actually important, like a place to live.  In other words stop being a shallow little gen-Z waste of space and think more than 5 minutes into the future.

Pitiful.  Deserve everything they don't get.

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