Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dishwasher fun

After much faffing about I appear to have finally fixed a problem with my dishwasher not draining.


I’ve been blaming a kinked drain hose behind the machine due to the cabinetmaker not wanting to spend 2c extra on a bit more depth, and I have spent the last week experimenting different hose positions.  Sometimes it works for several cycles like a charm, and then it drives me nuts with drain blockage errors.


Finally cracked the shits with it this morning and ripped all the plumbing out from underneath the sink, and discovered the neolithically cretinous plumber who installed the thing had only drilled a small hole though the plug in the drain pipe barb the hose connects to, and a bit of crap had brought the whole works to a halt.  He hadn’t even cleaned the swarf out of the hole, so a 5mm screwdriver would not fall through under its own weight.


It’s now reamed out to 15mm and thoroughly deburred, and working fine.


The builder will be receiving a similar reaming tomorrow morning.

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