Saturday, November 12, 2011

Conversation of the day

Shooting my new arrows this afternoon in peace and quiet when I’m accosted by a fellow club member.



FCM:  Wow, are those the new Easton Fullbores?  The max legal Vegas carbons?


Me:  Yeah, sure are.  Nice, eh?


FCM:   Can I try them?


Me:  Sure, grab a handful and go for it.



15 minutes later…



FCM:  These fly awesome out of my bow!  Are they factory made?  The glue joints are perfect!


Me:  Nope, you have to assemble them from components yourself.  I kind of have OCD about my gear, combine with night shift at work and I usually take about 8 hours to assemble a set as precisely as possible.  Pretty much anyone can get perfect glue joints but it’s a lot of practice and time, and you waste a few components before you get it just right.


FCM:  Wow.  Do you want to sell them?


Me:  Not really.  I just built them and I want to shoot them myself.


FCM:  Oh.  Are you sure?  I’m happy to pay a good price for them!


Me:  I suppose everything is for sale, but I’d want about $200 for them.


FCM:  But they’re only $120 at store Iggledeblonk!


Me:  Yes, the raw components are $120 at store Iggledeblonk.  You can drive for an hour to the store to get them, or have them shipped.  You then need to cut them and weight match everything with a set of digital scales.  You can then spend the same 8 hours assembling them that I did and see if you can get them to come out that neat, and weight matched to 0.03% again after assembly too.  The jig I used to *get* them that neat cost me $600, there are 10 on the planet, and the maker isn’t doing them any more.


FCM:  That’s too much, I can offer $100 at most.


Me:   You do realise that’s asking *me* to pay *you* about $30 for the privilege of spending 8 hours of *my* time replacing something I already have?  Thanks, but I think I’ll pass there.


FCM:  Are you sure?  They are really nice, I’d really like them.


Me:  Quite sure.  Especially as the points had to be imported from Canada which took a month, because no bugger stocks them in Australia, the bushings are non-standard and had to be ordered specially, and the nocks are single-mold Beiters from Germany which cost as much as a dozen standard one.  In fact, forget $200 – minimum is $250.  And that’s paying myself about $7 an hour for labour.


FCM:  Oh.  </stomps off irritated>



Fuck me… some mother’s children.


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