Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spam and profile hacking

As part of my small, continual war on spam, I have just discovered that the idiot who works as a massage therapist and used my gmail address as a contact point in their online scheduling system was *also* dumb enough to use the mail address as a login username.

Who wants to guess where he also had the account password reset requests go to?


Forget the e-mail majordomo crap, this is MUCH better.  Ive just signed him up to half a dozen additional shifts, requested cancellation of one for tomorrow, asked for some shift swaps with co-irkers and put in a leave request for all of December.  Ive also locked down his availability to basically 8:00am 8:05am on Thursday mornings so no new shifts can be scheduled, and because Im a prick I have just finished changing a few of his profile settings around.  His new display name of Sparky goes well with the nipple pink colour scheme, I think.

I also just found the notification system preferences, so he now gets text message notifications of shifts too, but the dont-disturb lockout is set from 6am midnight so hopefully hes in for a fairly interesting night.  Especially because I also set the notification lead times to 6 hours, so 8am shifts will burst a text at 2am.  Ive also enabled text notifications for all shift adds, drops, changes, swap requests and schedule updates, and since the system is cloud hosted in the USA it works on their system that charges the SMS *recipient* for the message not the sender.

Hopefully this will convince Sparky to lift his game, but I reckon he deserves it.  How the hell he got my address in his profile will forever be a source of wonderment, considering his profile says his last name is Elias.  *sigh*

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