Thursday, September 22, 2011

And so it ends for another year

The dulcet roar of a poorly muffled diesel and the groan of a compactor at work announced the end of the City Of Greater Oakleigh Annual Crap Swap this morning.

Annual Crap Swap (officially titled the bulk and hard rubbish collection) is always interesting.  People produce absolutely mindblowing amounts of rubbish from I have no idea where.  They then stack this on their footpath in tidy piles ready for collection.  Everyone then walks around the suburb and collects about half of it (presumably as ammo for next year?) and strews the rest around the place so the whole suburb looks like a tip for weeks.

Whats interesting is that some people still dont get the rules around the collection.  The rubbish guys are *not* going to collect that old LPG cylinder, and I dont care if you have put it out three years running.  I would have thought that carrying it back in the first year after they collected everything else and left it would have been a wake-up call, but at this stage I wont be surprised at all to see it out next year.

The same goes for paint cans.  Leaving em there for six months afterwards as some sort of silent protest doesnt achieve anything other than make you look like a twat.  Youre still going to be carrying it back in, but I have no doubt it will be back out next year.

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