Thursday, September 1, 2011

How stupid and out of touch is our judicial system

I read with dismay yesterday that the high court has ruled the government's "Malaysia solution" to boat people as illegal.

I really see this as no more than a knocker, liberal not-hear-to-help-but-happy-to-criticise reaction from a bunch of people so divorced from the real world that you have to doubt their capacity to effectively represent the wishes of the country's people.

The reality is that Australia currently has a problem with people smugglers pushing large numbers of illegal immigrants towards us.  This problem needs a solution, and that solution is not to accept the illegal immigrants, because that sends precisely the answer to the scum who organise the boats that perpetuates the problem.  The only solution is to sent a clear, unambiguous consistent message to the people involved - you will not be allowed to succeed.

Personally I think the root solution is a lot simpler - turn the boats around well before they hit Australian waters.  If the occupants disable the engines, hook on a tow line and tow them back to Indonesia where they come from, cast them off at the 12 mile limit, and send a radio message to the Indonesian authorities that they require rescue while you're steaming away.  If they try sinking the boat, pluck them out of the water, take them back and do the same in life rafts - they're cheap in comparison.

The point of the exercise is that it's not our problem, and as soon as we do otherwise we have decided to take on ownership of somebody else's problem - at great cost, political furore and the effective collapse of any immigration standards, which are already in the toilet.

The liberals of the country will wring their hands together and decry the solution - "You can't do that!  Think of the children!" - but offer no solution themselves.

Personally I think the government should ASAP ammend the relevant legislation to permit the Malaysia solution, tell the taxpayer-funded legal representatives of the illegal boat people who have no right to be here in the first place to collectively fuck themselves, and get what needs to be done, done.

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