Monday, July 4, 2011

I see dumb people

My idiot mate has managed to do it again.

Not only has he managed to kill his latest printer by ham-fistedly wrecking the ink tank docking mechanism while trying to wrestle a cartridge into it, but he's yet again gone and bought a printer on the basis it was cheap... and now discovered the thing takes chipped cartridges.

Unsurprisingly to everyone else on the freaking planet other than him, he's just discovered that the nice man at Cartridge World wants almost as much as a new cartridge to refill his empties and reset the chips.  I've explained that the reason why is that Mr Cartridge World knows he's got you by the balls, so why hand your balls over in the first place several times now, but it doesn't seem to register.

He's also just turned up in a very grumpy mood because the nasty people at the Telstra shop wouldn't give him what he wanted (a discount in an iPhone, basically what Douglas Adams coined a recreational impossibility) so due to fundamentally being a cheaparse he bought a HTC Windows 7 mobile POS.  He'll learn.

I suppose what constantly amazes me with this bloke is that the concept of total cost of ownership just doesn't seem to be something that sinks in.

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