Sunday, July 24, 2011


Have a read of this article doing the rounds of the national media today.  It's quite well written, and worth it for the entertainment alone.

What gets me though is the "They don't like Indians. They act rude as soon as they come to know I am Indian. Why is this?" quote, and then being flat out happy about phishing and ripping people off.

Gee, guess what guys - people don't like you because you're the home of the biggest slime sucking, scumbag, detested industry on the planet - spamming.  I hope you all enjoy your meagre salary, the slums, the heat, the squalor and the filth - because after I tell you to fuck off and hang up, I'm going back to my bigscreen TV and a nice glass of wine in my new house, and you're not.

To be honest, I'm actually less offended than the media seems to be about the anti-Australian twaddle.  Quite apart from being totally wrong (well, apart from the bit about being pissed on Fridays nights) and generally demonstrating why your average Indian is a clueless moron, I honestly could not give a flying fuck about what India thinks.  Their opinion means nothing, and coming from a group of the most hated people on earth makes it even less so.

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