Monday, July 11, 2011

And muslims wonder why they are distrusted and hated....

OK, this is about the last bloody straw.

Dear muslims.

If you want to move to Australia, there is unfortunately not much we can do about it under the current namby-pamby immigration laws Australia has.

However, if you are moving to Australia, you are expected to abide by and follow Australian customs, norms and manners.  We do not give a flying rat's arse about your bloody religion, which you seem to expect the entire world to revolve around.

We do not care about your laws, we don't like many of your practices, we don't like your attitudes.  If you wish to hold, believe and practice as you like, by all means do so.  Fuck off back where you came from and you can do whatever you like.  I promise not to come into your country and tell you how to behave - frankly I don't want to come within a few thousand kilometres of the place.

An Advertiser survey of the nation's islamic leaders has also revealed:

Strong condemnation of MPs who criticise muslim women for wearing the burqa/nijab.

Gee, do you think?  You come into our country and act in a manner that is unnatural, strange and offensive to us, then criticise us for pointing it out?

Concern that ordinary muslims are still being linked to terrorism.

Now I can't think why that would be... do you think it might have anything to do with the fact that every time we see a terrorist, they're muslim?  That the prevailing view seems to be that screaming "allahu akbar" before killing yourself and everyone in the vicinity is actually a glorious way to go out?  That anyone who doesn't subscribe to your particular warped view of the world and religion is deemed to be an "infidel"?

Disgust that innocent people in Muslim countries are being killed in the "war on terror".

Innocent, eh?  Protip for you, guys - don't hang out with scumbags. It's a little thing called guilt by association.  If you've got terrorists, bomb makers, and other assorted scum in your house, then you're harbouring them and nobody is going to make the distinction before lining a double-tap up on your forehead.

As for the idea of paying interest being religiously offensive to muslims, I think that highlights the problem with muslims in general perfectly.  Where's the concern that that just might be offensive to the Australians who actually quite like living in Australia the way it is, thanks very much?

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