Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Prick of a day.

Got up at 3:45am, drove to airport, dropped off car, got dropped to flight line.

Awesome.  Virgin Velocity lounge is being remodelled.  Scrum with 30 self-important powers of the business world to get in.  Im truly sorry to the tall smarmy git with the French cuffs and the Shaun Micallef haircut who spilled orange juice on his shoes when I opted not to bow to his superiority and let him go first in line for the toasted brioche.  (Note:  preceding paragraph may contain traces of bullshit.)

Even better:  flight delayed 15 mins.  On the other hand, that means another shot the buffet and another rather nice long black from the also rather nice (but non-black) barista.

Happiness is a work supplied laptop, a high speed wireless card and enough data allowance that you honestly dont give a damn.

Less nice:  sit on tarmac for 15 minutes before pushback, pilot blames Sydney ATC for throttling traffic due to runway remodelling.

Speaking of throttling, if the prick who owns that car with the alarm going off doesnt fix the situation quick smart, the response may become literal.  Ah good, hes turned the goddamn thing off.  Or the car thief has found the right wire.

Land in Sydney, go to pick baggage up, all but three of us have gone and the conveyor stops.  WTF?  Make stern representations to the baggage claim desk.  Situation quickly rectified, and hopefully baggage porter shot or something.

Hit the data centre at 9am, then read the paper for about an hour while my colleague has the riot act read to him by security.  Cant do this, cant do that, no smoking, no swearing, no bare feet etc.  I had this a month ago.

Got something done a bit after 10am, the worst thing about data centres is no coffees allowed.  :(

Finally gave up at 6pm and staggered back to the hotel.  Nice dinner of vodka and lime pickled ocean trout with horseradish cream, sirloin with garlic mash and baked subdried tomoatoes, and King Island cheese platter.  Burp.

Now, here we are at 11pm and Im doing rosters while trying to decide whether or not to kill a certain tier 1 irrit at work, and thinking that the construction site next door would be a good place to hide a body.  Note:  buy slab for site foreman, go with Crownies.

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