Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday morning, pass the coffee

Calley got me some more coffee on Saturday, she gets it from some gourmet place in the Chadstone shopping supermegaginormousplex.  I am now the proud owner of some nice Colombian and two varieties of Nicaraguan, currently working on the first and its got a really nice hazelnut caramel finish going on I had expected Colombian to be a lot darker and more acidic.  She was going to get me some Jamaica Blue Mountain but the $237 price for 200 grams put her off a bit, cant think why.

Merv made me a new basket tamper last week with an alloy baseplate which produces a very even tamp, its made a serious improvement to crema production and flavour.

Its only 8:45am and Ive already had my first fight of the morning, with one of the tier 1 staff in front of their manager.  Eddie is not the brightest crayon in the box, he used to work at Telstra BBHD as an agency casual and was several times passed over for a full time slot due to not being particularly impressive, twice of those times by me.  Believe me, given the competition he had, that was not saying much.  I spent a chunk of Friday playing e-mail tag with Eddie (with cc: to all management) regards a roster he is mangling, trying to explain that you cant have staff finishing at 11pm one day and then starting duty at 10:30pm the next.  Eddie does not think this is a problem, and I think Eddie is a blinking idiot.  He bailed me up this morning and tried once again to defend his view of the indefensible.  I just turned to his manager and told her that the very fact that we were having the conversation demonstrated that Eddie has absolutely no idea about the subject and should be put back into his box, and that if the tier 1 team wanted to do that roster then fine but there was no way in hell that tier 2 would be.  I also pointed out to here that the problem wouldnt last long as the rest of the tier 1 team would mutiny the first time they had to do that shift change.  She can deal with it, it will hopefully be part of her learning curve that you tell Eddie what to do, not let him think.

5 weeks until we go 24/7, which means back to having some RDOs during the week and some real penalties kicking in.  Hopefully were ending up with a 9hr/9day rotation so back to an RDO every fortnight, yay.  :D   

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