Monday, January 31, 2011

Just a few random observations of the day

You can turn air conditioning down, but if the thing is already at 100% and its still not cutting the mustard its inadequate.  Fix this.  This applies to airline operators, building superintendants and hotel owners.   In the case of the latter, setting the thermostat to 17° to produce a 100% duty cycle appears to be an interim fix.

Sitting next to women on aircraft is annoying.  The amount of crap they cart around is incredible.  Foot space?   Forget it.

Access to the members lounge is a good thing.  The toasted sourdough is particularly good, and the girl on the coffee machine has a pretty good idea of what she is doing.  Thank you for that, the first long black of the morning was downright awesome.

It takes about 150 pages of a Matthew Reilly novel to get from Melbourne to Sydney.  Providing you have a pilot willing to forgo the concept of a base leg and kind of meld downwind and final into one rolling maneuver.

Why do all taxis have that characteristic smell?  Is it the odour of 10,000 impatient people, or their 20,000 (presumably equally impatient) feet?

Jura make a pretty damn good coffee machine.  I hope we get one like that.  Push button, coffee appears.  Do this several times and WHEE!!

Contractors are always a useless waste of space.  Why fly me to Sydney only to be told the goddamn rack doesnt have network patching yet?  Or a fucking circuit breaker??  Might get to see an install tomorrow afternoon, maybe.

I remember why I hate Sydney.  I think its the unique combination of incomprehensible one-way streets and busses.  And the arseholes that live here.

I do not really like chicklet keyboards.  They are not as good as softtouch keyboards.  Laptop manufacturers, stop it immediately.

I went for a walk to the Coles supermarket at the corner of George and King Sts this afternoon as a kind of pilgrimage.  I stood less than 2 behind Sol Trujillo in this shop in late 2007 and failed to murder him.  Note to self: lost opportunity there.  On the other hand, it still sells Tooheys beer.

I also stood less than 10 behind Kyle Sandilands at the hotel reception this evening, and failed to kill him too.  But the evening is yet young.

Telstra wireless broadband access smartens up immensely during the evening.  Hellloooo network congestion.

Who designed Sydneys street layout?  I am still trying to decide if they are a genius or need badly beating to death.  You do NOT need that many tunnels.

It is unacceptable to be >3 weeks into employment and still not have an employee card, despite having 4 prox cards.  I could have collected the card from the CBD on Friday but that would have meant doing so on my own time, and more importantly missing the window before rush hour home.

These digs are very nice, but not worth $240 a night.  Nor is the breakfast worth $45 a head.  This will not stop me having the breakfast.

I have to leave work early on Friday to sign the builders contract, and offered to make up the time.  Given the 2 hours I had to get up early this morning to make the flight, and the2 hours it will extend my day on Wednesday, this agreement is being retracted.

Marble bathrooms are cool, but so are marble toilets seats on the buttocks.  Is there such a thing as a heated toilet seat, and if not, is there a market?  (I consider USB versions to be superfluous.)

Why cant I buy an eSATA thumb drive for a reasonable cost?

The current rating on the power brick for this laptop is only 3.42MAh @ 19VDC, which makes it pleasantly cool.  We like Core i3. (We like Core i5 even better but for a non-production laptop, there are allowable compromises.)

The dudes in Sydney doing GIS production have some FUCKING SERIOUS desktop hardware.  Core i7 kit and they still happily max every core at 100% overnight.]

Bed time now, need to fortify myself fora serious foray with the morning kitchen.

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