Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 1, NBN Co

Spent about an hour at the admin offices at Elizabeth St getting onboarded, and two prox cards issued.

Conduct self down to Docklands, site of the new NSOC.  It's currently under renovation (redoing 4 floors of an existing building), so at the moment it's very normal office space.  Parking onsite for the shifts workers, too!  (Me!  Me!)

Spent a couple of hours in induction and high level introduction where I could have taught the people more about optical networking than they did me.  The interesting news is that we are using the new Alcatel 7302 chassis with *16 port* line cards, fark - the highest density I have ever worked on is 4 port.  Combine with 32-way splitters (probably industry standard Corning gear) and that's a lot of customers off a blade.

Got toys issued, a very nice Toshie Portege R700 i3.  Win7 Enterprise 64-bit, 4GB, all the fruit and only 1100 grams - including optical drive.  Docking station and a couple of power packs, NextG wireless dongle arriving tomorrow.

Work (kind of) starts tomorrow, apparently we have a metric shirtload of documentation to read.

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