Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Non-news of the morning [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Your non-news of the morning – two convicted and beyond exhaustively tried drug smugglers shot.  And lo, the world has two less scumbags in it – good riddance.

Of course, now we have to put up with a few days of pathos and heartache from the assorted bleeding heart liberals of the world, but by the end of the week there will be something new to talk about.  The posturing politicians will be looking for something new to say to keep their taxpayer funded heads in the paper, the magazines will make up a scandal about some celebrity, and nobody who matters will care less.

Laughing to read some of the comments in the media as the pollies have a competition to see who can screw the most popularity out of the whole deal, with the results apparently judged through social media.  That’s like having a cooking contest to see who can make the best cheesecake and gauging the outcome by seeing which one can be flushed down the bog the easiest.

The Australian government (or the buffoons we currently have, anyway) are huffing and puffing about WITHDRAWING OUR AMBASSADOR as a firm measure of protest.  Yeah, that will show them.  If we really want to show we’re displeased we could even think about delivering a stiffly worded note beforehand – that would show them, eh?  Make them really quake in their sandals.  Perhaps we could stamp our foot as well?  No chance of us doing anything useful or substantive like withdrawing the hundreds of millions of dollars we give Indonesia in aid, of course.

The dumbest comment of the whole saga (and that’s really saying something, believe me) has been that capital punishment isn’t effective as a punishment, because criminals are stupid and don’t expect to get caught.  As far as I can see, that’s basically an argument that says don’t bother trying to enforce the law at all, because if the death penalty doesn’t deter crime – what will?  Perhaps we should torture people for a week or so before executing them, would that be more effective?

I say just shoot ‘em.  Quick, cheap, and deterrence debates aside, I know two scumbags who sure as hell won’t be smuggling drugs any longer, and that’s worth having quite apart from anything else.

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