Friday, April 24, 2015

Anzac public holiday ripoff

As anyone working for a living will have noticed, we're being ripped off this year by not receiving a public holiday for Anzac day.

This is bullshit of the first order, and due to one and one only factor - we had a Liberal government in power at the time the decision was made.

Often, but not always, when a public holiday falls on a weekend, a public holiday is granted on a Monday. Boxing Day in 2015 falls on a Saturday, so Monday, December 28, will be a public holiday. But the Napthine government will not legislate for a public holiday for Anzac Day. 
"The purpose of Anzac Day is to respect, commemorate and remember the brave soldiers who sacrificed so much for our freedoms,’’ a spokeswoman for Small Business Minister Russell Northe said.
“It is not about getting a day off and taking for granted the liberties our soldiers fought so bravely to protect."

OK... so why do we get a day off when it falls on a weekday then?  Surely we can respect, commemorate and remember quite adequately regardless of the day of the week?

Only Western Australians will get a public holiday on Monday, April 27.

Bzzt, wrong.

The ACT state government has announced a last minute Anzac Day public holiday on Monday 27 April for all state government workers.

So that's two states that can do it, but Victoria can't... even though we can apparently manage a holiday the Friday before the bloody AFL grand final!
Personally I won't be surprised if half the country takes a sickie on Monday, dire warnings to the contrary.  
Typical government bullshit.  When it comes to give and take, we give - they take.  At least any decisions taken for the next couple of years will be by the Labor government, even though I think they are an incompetent set of buffoons.

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