Saturday, January 10, 2015

Making sawdust

Spent about 6 hours today building the world's most overengineered shelf to put the handbrake's baby photography crap really expensive props on.

Did the folding bench below on christmas day - this is similar construction.  18mm marine ply with 42mm square runners.  45mm thick mounts on the walls with three 10x120mm dynabolts each because I hate bolting too hard into brick in case it crumbles.  Brackets are 300mm square 2.5mm gal steel because I was too lazy to make timber struts.

It's probably rated for small brontosaurs, I did a chin up off it and it didn't move, and that should be a fair sort of test for anything.

Next sub project will probably be to add a small sub shelf below it, level with the bottom of the wall mounts.  About 200mm wide should be a useful ledge for stuff without running my forehead into it while moving about.  I'll also do some shelves to fit into the alcoves, just a vertical up each side with shelves screwed in from the side first before fitting.  I'd like to recess the shelves a bit but no table saw, so ah well.  A small t-piece brace below each shelf should fix that without compromising too much depth.

One advantage of being ahead on points with the handbrake is you get fed, in this case a slightly culturally confused anglo-italian ploughman's, complete with some potted stilton.

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