Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The LNP shows its true colours again

I see it hasn't taken long for the LNP to show their true colours in regards to industrial relations.

Apparently "still relevant" is the new buzzword phrase for trying to undermine conditions and entitlements.

It follows a warning by Employment Minister Eric Abetz that Australia risks a "wages explosion" if bosses do not start saying no to workers and unions requesting pay rises.

Hey Eric (who only earns $336,599 a year, poor bastard) - how about consumers start saying no to businesses jacking up prices?  Are you actually asinine enough to believe that only businesses face cost increases?

I'm a business in my own right, I provide a service called "work" to my customer (my employer) and my input costs keep going up too, sport.

I really didn't expect much else from these clowns.  They obviously didn't learn from last time.  Luckily, if they do try it'll be a fairly short government.

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