Thursday, February 6, 2014

Allrighty then

(1) Synology DS1513+.  5-bay, quad gigabit NICs, supports two expansion chassis with another 5 bays each for a total of 60TB capacity, dualcore 2.13GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, supports RAID 5/6/10, and has an apparently neverending list of server-style applets that it can run including Bittorrent and Sickbeard.  202MB/sec write, 351MB/sec read, so will stream HD .mkvs to the TV nicely.

Wanna have a play with the interface?  Log into with username:admin and password:synology and go nuts.

(2) Five WD Red 3TB, WD30EFRX drives (the new NAS optimised ones), going into a RAID5 array for 12TB formatted and one-disk fault tolerance.

I did flirt with going with the 4TB units, but it's an extra $350, and I think 12TB will hold me for a bit.

The best part is that since it does everything my torrent box did, I can give it the flick, get back some bench space, and less Windows hardware to fight with is always good.

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