Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tax sucking politicians

Making some booze today.

A basic kit (pure sugars, yeast, filter media) is $55.  (I could do this cheaper, but it's not worth trying to source pure dextrose in the small quantities I need.  The storage alone would be a pain in the arse.)

Add $4 for carbon slurry, and maybe $5 (generous) for steriliser and power.

For this, I end up with 10 litres of 40% neutral spirit.  Flavouring costs me about $1 a litre to make bourbons, it's mostly time.

So the upshot is that I can make bourbon that fools people that it's Jim Beam black for $7.40 a litre.

Dan Murphy's wants $41 a bottle... for 700ml, or $58 a litre.  And of that, the government has their hand out for over $20 of that 700ml bottle.

No thanks, time to check the condensor temp on the still, and put another batch down in the fermenter I think.

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