Monday, March 18, 2013

Calling Sherlock

I see that the much-vaunted Kogan “unlimited” mobile plan is rather less unlimited that the name might suggest.


I’m honestly not sure what baffles me more though –


(1)    That people are still stupid enough to believe they’re getting something free (or substantially under market rates) when the costs of providing the service continue unabated, or


(2)    That they are moronic enough to complain that they’re being hard done by afterwards!



Seriously, people – think.  It’s not that hard.  Put down your Facebook, get off Youtube, and learn something about the world – after all, you’re the product being sold.


That said, I think Mr Kogan is about to discover that the ACCC has some fairly firm views on the use of the word “unlimited” these days, and that burying dodgy clauses in your T&Cs is also off the menu.,tpg-telstra-change-8216unfair8217-customer-contract-clauses.aspx



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