Saturday, January 19, 2013

American gun control hysteria

Found this today, which I think sums up the current American left-wing gun control hysteria nicely:

In my observation, pro gun control people don't understand the facts, and aren't interested in understanding the facts, because they made up their mind long ago without them and they're quite comfortable with their blinkered little existence.

Unfortunately, Australians didn't have the protection of a Constitution enshrining the right the private firearms ownership when the right-wing Howard government shamelessly exploited the Port Arthur shootings to ram through a set of restrictions at a time when public sentiment meant that emotions were running high.  Luckily for America, the NRA is a powerful group that even lame-duck politicians who don't have to give a damn any more can't simply ignore.

Hopefully for my sporting firearms enthusiast brethren in America, at worst Obummer can cause some temporary and fairly easily reversible crimps in their enjoying a perfectly legitimate pastime, and future administrations (which will be Republican, once Obummer is gone and the right wing loses the one-off support of every black and hispanic layabout looking for a handout) will restore sanity.

Ironically, the ideal solution to the current immediate problem would actually provide further fuel for the debate - that being some good ole boy nailing Obummer centre-head from about 500 metres out.  I think I could live with it, frankly.  The American Democratic party makes me nauseous at the best of times.

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