Saturday, September 15, 2012

Another helicopter parent's dreams crushed

Must be a slow news day... apparently it's important that some precious snowflake's helicopter mum is outraged that, perish forbid, she and her badly behaved little shit might actually be held accountable for his actions.

What is the world coming to when all of a sudden it's not someone else's fault or you're no longer a victim of neglect by the system, and you're actually responsible for the things you do and say?  Holy crap... that means... we can't just do whatever the hell we want anymore without any repercussions!  And parents might have to actually take some responsibility for teaching their children discipline, manner, appropriate behaviour, respect for authority and others, and to generally behave themselves!  Crazy talk.

'Ms Evans said her son was often in trouble but the incident had prompted her to search for another school.'

So in other words Ms Evans, you acknowledge he's a little prick but you think the school should just deal with it.  I'm sure there won't be a dry eye in the house when you take your little hellspawn elsewhere.

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