Sunday, September 23, 2012

And muslims wonder why the rest of the world regard them as terrorists

Muslims get really pissed off when they're told they are terrorists, and insist they they are a peaceful religion of tolerance.

Then half the muslim world starts rioting because one person posts a dissenting point of view on Youtube, and you've got a Pakistani government minister offering a $100,000 bounty for the murder of the amateur film maker.

Yeah, tolerance.  Right.  The reality is that muslims are a brainwashed set of mindless automatons still following a centuries outdated and idiotic belief that they've got the best imaginary friend of all, while carrying out some of the more barbaric ongoing practices the world has ever tolerated.  If you want to act like that then by all means do so - in Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Go for your quoit.  But while you're in MY country, which nobody wants you in anyway, I don't want to here it.

Australia - love it or leave.  Leave would be good.

By the way, here's the video that started it, I hope it pisses someone off.  I am SOOOO glad that Youtube and the US justice system showed some spine for once and refused to pull it down just because some snowflake feels sad as a result of it.
Ham sandwich, anyone?

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