Monday, February 27, 2012

OK, I just found a use for a tablet.

Damn, this is one hell of a cool idea.

Are you listening, AppleMicrosoftSonySamsungAcerPanasonic?

I need to have a phone with me.  It needs to be a smartphone, because I need mobile web and mail.  What I don't need is to be paying for more than one cell account just because I want connectivity on other devices, and I won't pack a lump of tablet with me 24/7 just for a few lousy inches of extra screen.

Wires, cables and connectors suck.  I hate carting them around.  I'm not so sure about tying myself into one proprietary format and manufacturer like this, but as soon as you go off the reservation and start inventing your own standards, the attractiveness of your product goes down.

Put some freaking connectors on your device (are you listening, Apple?).  I need a couple of USBs, ethernet, and a HD video out at least - I don't care if it's HDMI or Displayport, you can't please everyone.  You might as well include line-level mic and speaker for basic earbud usage.  Wifi and Bluetooth will take care of most everything else.  The SD slot is cool, but I'm not paying a premium for it.

Hey, Apple - notice the device still has a freakin' optical drive??  We want those, and will for some time yet.  Deal with it, you don't define the world.

Now, if the whole thing just ran open source, we'd have convergence.  Although the video card is still going to suck.

PS - gadget manufacturers - will you please, FFS, get it together on a standard for inductive charging.  Everybody, every single person, without exception, in the entire world, hates charging devices.  Around my house at the moment I have on charge:

  • at least four mobile phones
  • three laptops
  • a cordless drill
  • a cordless vacuum
  • a robot vacuum
  • a torch
  • a set of wireless headphones
  • a bunch of Ni-MH batteries for the damn devices that take cells
  • a camera
  • a fish tank gravel cleaner
  • a wireless keyboard
  • a wireless mouse
We FUCKING HATE CHARGING BATTERIES.  For the love of dog, PLEASE do something about this.  It's well into the 21st century, and I can accept (grudgingly) that I don't have my flying car yet.  But batteries PISS ME OFF.  Please do something about it, thanks.

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