Friday, January 27, 2012

Joys of car ownership

Fark, don’t I just love cars.


Split radiator top tank, whole thing needs to come out and go to a radiator place.  Bugger, I was hoping it was a hose or pipe flange.

Alternator is stuffed and needs a rebuild, which would explain the occasional alternator light and why it keeps eating head light bulbs.  And a battery last year.

Front brake pads need replacing and rotors are below minimum thickness >_<  New rotors please.

Belts need replacing, can deal with that.


That’s all on top of the normal service cost.


I gently fended the mechanic off the leaking clutch cylinder, apparently the alloy walls are pitted so the replacement seals a few years ago were a waste of time.  Complete replacement of the body is the only thing that will fix it.  For 10c worth of brake fluid every couple of months, it can stay as is.  The front shocks are also apparently weeping but they can stay as is for a bit too until my wallet recovers.


To add to the general merriment, this all means the car won’t be ready until Monday.  I have to work tomorrow.  Calley is off to the Mornington Peninsula tomorrow so it’s a train to work… oh yeah, Metro are doing trackwork tomorrow so it’s bus replacements that adds an hour to the journey.


The high point in an otherwise shitty day is that I’m now working from home tomorrow, so at least I am spared the PITA of the train.


Oh yeah, and our eldest cat hasn’t shown up for 2 days, I hope she has not gotten skittled by a snake/car/dog.


Not the best day.

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