Monday, August 22, 2011

I see dumb people

Some of the people I work with are cretins.


I just received a calendar invite for a training session at work.  The e-mail trail shows my boss nominated me for the session, which is dumb action one – I’m on night shift that week, so apparently the ability to read the nice colour-coded roster I made for the team has eluded him.  Dumb action two is when the invitation sender completely ignores the fact that my availability is totally blocked out for business hours that day, BECAUSE I DELIBERATELY DO THAT SO IDIOTS CAN’T TRY TO BOOK ME FOR MEETINGS AND TRAINING SESSIONS WHEN I’M NOT AVAILABLE.  Does this stop him?  Nope, we’ll just send it anyway and let it be someone else’s problem to sort out.


I just rejected the invitation with no explanation, I’ll let them figure out why.



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