Monday, August 22, 2011


Ever since the furore and hand wringing began over plastic bags at supermarkets, I made a prediction as to what the outcome would be.  Lo and behold, here's a report published this morning showing EXACTLY what I thought the outcome would be.

Supermarkets get to cut their costs by not supplying plastic bags any more, or charging for them if they do.  Does anyone see a price cut to the consumer?  Pig's arse they do, and when the surcharge is a measly 15c then you can bet your arse that the cost to the supermarket was less than that to begin with.

The supermarkets will then SELL you a solution to the nonexistent problem by flogging you reusable bags, which you will forget and leave at home, thus forcing you to pay the surcharge or buy more next time.

You now don't have any bags to recycle as bin liners, so the supermarket will SELL you plastic liners, which end up as landfill anyway, thus acheiving nothing.

So what's the net impact of all of this?

Supermarket - cost saving through not supplying bags free, plus additional profits from selling reusable bags and bin liners.

Plastic bag manufacturer - either neutral or slightly positive, as they're making more reusable bags and bin liners that use more plastic than thin disposable bags, not less.

Environment - neutral at best, probably slightly negative as the bin liners contain more plastic than disposable shopping bags.

Consumer - takes it in the arse as usual and pays for everything to precisely ZERO BENEFIT.

Like anything greenies get near, this doesn't work, is totally fucking useless, and costs the consumer more.  Most rational people don't need a reason to detest tree huggers already, but this is why.  Fuck off and go recycle your sandals or something.

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