Friday, June 3, 2011

Dumbarse baby names

There’s a blog I read occasionally whose write delights in monitoring trends in new baby names.  As part of it, he also picks out the real shockers, a few of which I will reproduce here.


Milania Alexsis.  Someone needs to stop watching "Days of our lives" quite so much.

Jamar Lee.  Father Gerald, mother..... Santana.

Deeonnie Darrielle.  Ooh, here come da ethnics.  $5 says she grows up to be a pole dancer.

Whitt Allen.  Even making allowances for dumbarse Americans, just wow.

Kason Carter.

Ceslee Faith.  That's not even a word.

Kurry Joseph.  Words fails me.

Cayson Lynn.  Double points: that's a girl.

Xavier Jerone.  Yes, that’s “Jerone” with an “n”.  Nice one, Jason and… Lajeanna.  Ah, that might explain it.

Jabraylon Jhon.  (Fuck me.  No, Jhon is not misspelt)  Then again, his mother Niesha's name might give an insight into his ethnic heritage.

Aiden Waine.  Parents Patric (???) and Kasey.

Jayme Alyise.  So graced by Jamaker and Amber.  I’ll presume Jamaker is the male.

Kinsley A’londen.   What the…

Ahna’Lynn Rae’chelle.  Ooh, ethnic alert.

Jay’cee Darelle Lee.  Possibly not a surprise considering the parent's names are Hilton and Helisha.  Along with little Ahna’Lynn, more pole dancers I expect.

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