Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tree hugging recyclers of the word, fuck off.

My work management are heavily into the greenie tree-hugger thing, as as such we have four sorts of bin around the place - green for organic, yellow for recyclables, red for landfill, and blue for paper and carboard.
Sounds reasonable, right?
You can put paper towels in green bin, fair enough.  You can also put tea bags in, despite the fact they have a steel staple in them??  You can also put "food" in there - but specifically not meat.  And you can't put wooden paddle pop tea stirrers in there, despite the fact that wood was organic the last time I looked.
The blue bin isn't supposed to have waxed paper put in it.

The yellow bin isn't for glass, but is OK of for plastics - but only some plastics.

The red bin - landfill - isn't supposed to have *any* plastic in it, so where do I put the plastic I can't put into the yellow bin?  Aerosol cans are also a no-no, but I can't put them into the yellow bin either.  Apparently they are supposed to vanish into limbo.  Or more likely into some other poor bastard's bin where it's their problem.

So, like any red-blooded bloke would do when faced with a situation like this, I say "who fucking cares" and sling the lot into the red bin and be done with it.  I think they should consider themselves lucky I deliberately aim for the red bin and don't just shove it in the first bin I come to, colour be damned.

This is what gives me the shits in general when it comes to recycling.  It's too hard, and I just can't be bothered.  When I need a multipoint checklist to figure out which of 4 possible bins I fling a random piece of office crap into, it's not going to happen.

The same goes for councils who bitch about things like not wanting pizza boxes in the recycling.  Same reason as the mob we have here at work only wanting certain plastics.  It's either too hard to deal with the ones they don't want, or there's no market for the end product - probably because it's more expensive than new material.  This also gets filed under the heading of "things I don't give a damn about", because as far as I'm concerned, you're either recycling - or you're not.  I'm not going to stand her and sort what to me is garbage for a recycling company's benefit, if they want to recycle - they can do it.

I'm not enough of a troglodyte (yet) to stick lawn clipping in the recycling, or the contents of the cat litter tray, but if anyone things I'm gonna sort plastics by chemical composition they're in for a rude shock.

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