Saturday, January 28, 2017

Reddit block user script

Use Reddit and want to block morons who have replied to you, not just sent you a message?

In Chrome, F12 open the consle and paste this in at the bottom and enter.

for(buttonLists=$(".flat-list.buttons"),i=0;i<buttonLists.length;i++)blockButton=document.createElement("LI"),blockButton.innerHTML='<form class="toggle block-button " action="#" method="get"><input name="executed" type="hidden" value="blocked"><span class="option main active"><a class="togglebutton" onclick="return toggle(this)" href="#">block author (hide post)</a></span><span class="option error">are you sure?  <a class="yes" onclick=\'change_state(this, "block", hide_thing, undefined, null)\' href="javascript:void(0)">yes</a> / <a class="no" onclick="return toggle(this)" href="javascript:void(0)">no</a></span></form>',buttonLists[i].appendChild(blockButton);

You'll now see a "block user" link under their stupid comment, and the signal to noise ratio improves significantly.

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