Sunday, September 11, 2016

It's not about race. SIT YOUR ARSE DOWN.

One of the "news" items of the weekend is this libtard puff piece, where some self-important probably half-blood relation (assuming the sperm donor could be identified without there being a buck in it) was outraged, OUTRAGED I TELL YOU that someone told them to sit their arse down at a concert so that everyone else could see.

A few points here:

(a) Why the hell was the welfare recipient in question taking an 11 YEAR OLD to a concert anyway?  That's not appropriate.

(b) It has nothing to do with race.  SIT YOUR OVERENTITLED ARSE DOWN.  If you stand up you force every single fucking row behind you to stand so THEY can enjoy the concert too.  You know, like they PAID FOR.  If you want to wiggle your arse around, buy a ticket in the moshpit.  The rest of us paid for SEATS so we could SIT IN THE FUCKING THINGS.

(c)  Trying to spin the reaction like it's racial is bullshit.  You're dead fucking wrong, and you're desperately looking for a reason to try to dig your way out of the hole YOU chose to publicly dig for yourself.

This is why I have no time for coons.  They act like they've been told to go pick cotton, when all they've been asked to do is comport themselves to the same goddamn standards as the rest of civilisation.  Then when they're told to get the fuck back in their box, it's "racism", when in reality they'd have to be stood over and sheepdogged to pick the damn cotton even when being paid to, because fundamentally they are useless whiners.

You'd get precisely the same reaction regardless of your skin colour, because you're still blocking the view of everyone else regardless.  SIT YOUR ARSE DOWN, and preferably take it somewhere else.  We will accept you remaining if you have like a NORMAL PERSON.  We'll even tolerate you simmering like a cauldron of misplaced resentment and refusal to accept accountability for your own actions, because we're all pretty used to that when dealing with coons.  It's just the inevitable consequence of dealing with a race which is fundamentally lazy, underachieving and perpetually plays the victim card as an attempted excuse for lack of accomplishment.

Either way, all we ask is that you just get on with it, be responsible for your own actions, and don't negatively impact anyone else - if so, we'll be fine.

As a takeaway, you might want to apply that one after you walk out of the Kraftwerk concert, too - but I doubt it.  What a pity that I'm actually more entitled as a normal member of society to have your bullshit attitude thrown out a concert by security over a $150 concert ticket than I am to have to deal with it in real life.


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