Sunday, July 10, 2016

Your Sunday morning dose of stupid

This is one of the stupidest piece of lefty socialist thinking you'll ever hear.

Two pommie philosophers think that parents are "unfairly disadvantaging other people’s children" by.... reading to their own children.

‘One way philosophers might think about solving the social justice problem would be by simply abolishing the family. If the family is this source of unfairness in society then it looks plausible to think that if we abolished the family there would be a more level playing field.’

I have a simpler and far more practical idea.  Let's shoot philosophers if this sort of loony lefty thinkspeak is all they are good for, because I'm not seeing a lot of practical application for their contribution so far.

Armchair Socialists specialise in espousing equality, but like all academics with zero practical experience in making anything happen, they don't appreciate that it's usually done by dragging everyone back to the common denominator of the lowest achiever.  Apparently it's OK if a whole bunch of people have to suffer as a result, because in socialist-think that's better than any one person experiencing more suffering because of their own unique circumstances.

Anyone with a level of intelligence superior to a bread mold would respond to this twaddle by asking, quite reasonably, why not improve the experience of the lowest advantaged?  Ah, but that would require work, and possibly getting out of the armchair. Can't have that.  Is there any more tea?

To quote someone else who put it better than I can - 

The reality is that the only way we will have equality is by dragging everyone down to the same level. By hammering down on the hard working, the studious, the enterprising, the principled, the entrepreneurial. And this is what happens under socialism. Merit is not rewarded.

Of course, one of these cretins is now trying to back out their statement and claim they were misinterpreted, but I think the message came through quite clearly the first time.

Fuck off, you irrelevant twats.

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